Tough Time Capsules for Peace of Mind

Many of us, either as a child in elementary school or as an adult with kids of our own, have participated in the burial of at least one time capsule. The idea is to fill a box or a container with images representing the times in which you live, to be dug up at a specified future date and provide a window back to your time for future generations to look through.

Many survivalists and peppers make use of a similar tactic, except with the end goal being a hidden cache of food, water, supplies, and firearms in case of a worst case scenario playing out. Even if you’re a novice at emergency preparation, a BuryBunker can be a great way to guarantee yourself options.

The BuryBunker is a case made of powder-coated 10 gauge steel, which is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees F and survive for many years, keeping your valuables secret and safe underground. Its nature-proof design guarantees protection from the elements, and protection for your peace of mind.



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