The Perfect Choice When Space is at a Premium

Living under the same roof with another person is always an educational experience. You learn how to coexist, and that give and take is the hallmark of any lasting relationship. Having kids is another educational adventure, one that seems to grow a little more confusing each time around.

Families naturally fill the space they’re allowed, and adding to your family always means optimizing and reorganizing the space you’ve got. With you, a spouse, and your kids running around, it can be hard for anyone to feel like they’ve got enough room to pursue their passions; mastering your space is one of the keys to a well-managed home.

If you’re a firearms enthusiast, whether for sport, home defense, or both, keeping all guns out of the reach of kids is your primary priority. The best approach for guns in the home is “out of sight, out of mind.” Even if you’ve raised your kids to respect firearms as dangerous tools, their natural curiosity and that of their friends who you didn’t raise may at some point win out.

The BedBunker keeps guns safely out of sight beneath your mattress, maximizing the utility of your sleeping space and performing the dual function of keeping guns close yet safely locked away.



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