Preparedness Above All Else

According to the Mayan calendar, the world was supposed to have ended in 2012. Obviously we’re all still here, but the national conversation around emergency preparedness brought light to many issues in home safety and vigilance. People who had never put any thought into planning for the worst suddenly found themselves bulking up on non-perishable food and planning evacuation routes for their families.

The problem is a house needs to be a home as well as a fortress. It’s important to protect your home and family, but who wants to live on lock-down all the time?

The BedBunker was created so that firearms and valuables can be safely stored within arm’s reach without having to advertise or broadcast their presence with an unsightly gun safe or cabinet. Guests will feel at ease and you will feel safe knowing that your firearms, emergency supplies, jewelry, and anything else you see fit to protect are safe, sound, and reachable. Now more than ever, it is possible to be fully prepared while also being fully at home.



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