Maximum utility for maximum Protection

One of the key tenets of good space management in the home is maximizing utility; that is, using the available space as efficiently as possible to produce maximum comfort and minimal clutter. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, and the more people are sharing a space the more important utility becomes, especially if the space is limited to begin with. Organization helps, especially closets, cabinets, and drawers, but there’s no substitute for creativity.

When it comes to creative design and maximum utility, it doesn’t get any better than the BedBunker. For most folks, the space under the bed is either wasted or not used to its fullest potential; traditional bed frames only leave enough clearance for shallow boxes or bins, and even these can be physically uncomfortable to access.

The BedBunker replaces your box spring and supports your mattress, which means you gain completely secure storage space where previously there was only an empty wooden box. In addition to secure storage, the BedBunker also has the option of height adjustable legs, so if you want you can still store boxes of Christmas ornaments and winter clothes underneath.



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