Put a “Bank” Safety Deposit Box in Your Home!

Hidden wall safes are a fairly old concept, but the details of them have changed a bit for some companies. Today, you can easily hide a safe in your wall without worry that it can be found or taken. In the past, one of the concerns about hidden wall safes was that if the safe could not be opened, the thief would simply remove it from the wall and take it elsewhere so that he or she could open it at their leisure.

A well hidden, tradtional wall safe remains a time-proven security alternative but has always suffered a great deficieny…If the thief can’t not open the safe, he will simply bust it out of the wall to haul off to crack open at his leisure.

But not so with the Heracles Wall safe. Why?

Thanks to brand-new mounting system technology Heracles engineered, this common wall safe weakness is eliminated. This system makes it highly unlikely that a thief is going to walk away with your safe — that is, even if they can find it!

An added benefit. the Heracles wall safe also offers premier fire resistance — another feature lacking from many other brands –. This makes them ideal for far more than firearms storage, but also vital documents, heirlooms, cash or precious metals.
Not only are our safes easily concealed, but they are actually mounted so that they cannot be carried off. Another advantage is that they are fire resistant, so you don’t have to just use them for guns, but can also use them to hold any important papers, heirlooms, or other items that you want to protect from a fire. If you have guns or other items that you want to protect as well as conceal, hidden wall safes are your best option.



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