How to Prevent Home Burglary

A break-in is a home owner worst nightmare, not only does it leave you feeling lost and vulnerable, but it is possible to start moving forward after this unfortunate event? So many questions come to mind. What did they take? How did they get in? Why did they choose my house? Finally, what can you do to keep your belongings safe and deter another break-in.

Here are 8 tips to help prevent a break-in from ever happening in your home, all of which can help provide you not only with emotional security, but also decrease the likelihood that you will have to replace items that could burn a major hole in your wallet:

1. Get an Indoor Dog

I drove down to Louisiana as soon as my dad told me about the robbery. And I brought him a great alarm system – an 85 pound Bordeaux Mastiff I’d rescued from the animal shelter just a few months before. He’ll be staying with my dad from now on.

The insurance adjuster who came yesterday said that dogs are often the most effective alarm system you can get. Sophisticated thieves often know how to work around electronic systems, and “average” thieves have no issues with breaking windows if there’s no system at all.

But dogs are unpredictable – they may bite, they may not. More often than not, he said, thieves will pick a house that’s dog-free rather than take the risk.

There are plenty of dogs who desperately need a good home. Petfinder is a great place to look. Making the decision to adopt a family pet dog could very well prevent you from becoming the victim of a robbery. And that’s not to mention all the love you’ll receive, in return!

That being said, however, dogs are a lot of responsibility and they can be expensive. I have three dogs (well, now I’m down to two after the gift to my dad), and they’re a lot of work. Please only get a dog if you’re truly going to care for it as it deserves.

2. Lock Your Doors and Windows

This seems like an obvious tip, but I’m sure many of us have neglected to do this at times. I know I’ve forgotten to do it countless times myself.

The thieves that broke into my dad’s house busted open the door to his sunroom. They then entered the house easily because he hadn’t locked the windows

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