How Safe is Your SUV?

When you get into your SUV, do you feel like you are as safe as you can get? Are you certain that you have all of the safety features that you could possibly have in your SUV? Maybe you have antilock brakes and airbags that you can turn off when children are in the front seat, but what about when the vehicle isn’t moving? Can you protect your family during these times?

Car safes are becoming the latest features in automobile safety because it isn’t just safety on the road that you have to worry about anymore and you shouldn’t have to drive around with your windows up so no one can reach in and grab something as you wait for a stoplight. Our car safes even protect your family from making mistakes with the timing feature that doesn’t allow the safe to be opened right away so you don’t have to worry about your children hopping in the car and pulling out one of your protective weapons.



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