Horizontal storage to maximize space

Keeping a safe in your home is a great idea, especially if there are youngsters running around. After all, kids are curious and will inevitably explore their surroundings whenever they’re given a chance.

Traditionally, options for securing your belongings in a home safe have been rather uninspired. There are wall safes, which are exorbitantly expensive to install and usually provide only couple of cubic feet of space for documents and jewelry. There are unsightly standing safes, which are difficult to hide and decorate around and are relatively easy to wheel out the door in a home invasion scenario.

We created the BedBunker to give folks a creative, efficient alternative to traditional safes. BedBunkers lay horizontally under your mattress, and are built to store an unparalleled amount of guns and other valuables that you don’t want out in the open. They’re guaranteed for life, and are built to withstand temperatures in excess of 1500 degrees for up to two hours and protect the investments inside.

Make the smart choice and secure your home today.



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