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Heracles Research Corporation

Heracles Research Corporation

Heracles Research Corporation is a privately held Delaware corporation formed in 2007 by John Adrain. The company was formed to develop and commercialize inventions, either through licensing the technologies to other companies or developing them ourselves, or in partnership with other companies or individuals. Some of the technologies we have developed or are working on include: Security Video Analytics, Powertrain Control Modules for Bi-Fuel Vehicles, Power Programers for reprogramming automotive computers,Mobile License Plate Recognition for law enforcement, Magnetic Levitation, Audio/Video Scanner Technologies, Radio Scanner Technology, Offensive Anti-Burglary devices for secure compounds and buildings, and developing concealed safes for security teams of high profile clients. These safes have been manufactured for homes, yachts, airplanes, motor coaches, and vehicles.

Some of the companies we have worked with include: The U.S. Federal Government, Federal Signal, Elsag, Volkswagen Group, Prototype Automotive Services, BMW, Dinnan, Ford, General Motors, ASC, MTSC, and Platescan.

All of our products are developed and built in the USA. Heracles Research’s focus is building innovative products that solve real world problems.



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