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Introducing Bullet Barrier™ Wall & Door Panels

Easy to install bullet proof panels for your home, office, schools, churches, public buildings and any facilities walls and doors. Providing the ultimate in room protection, Bullet Proof Wall & Door Panels offer far more than mere solutions for “personal protection;” in under one hour, you can turn any room in your home or building into a safe room, giving it level IIIA protection and above, able to stop a 44 magnum bullet point-blank! This light weight self sticking material is available now for purchase, request a quote today!

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$80 / sq ft – Wall & Door Panels
Volume Discounts Available

Call us direct for more information and ordering (214) 551-9483. Customer supplied drawing needed for all custom orders.

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Customize your wall or door panels to your exact specs, materials are cut to size to fit your application. Revolutionary technology paired with lightweight, self sticking panels feature:


  • Bulletproof Level IIIA (increased performance behind a strike face such as a window or door) Optional higher levels of protection
  • 1/4″ Thickness that is low profile
  • Paint or Upholstery
  • Lightweight
  • Custom height and width
  • Lower cost than bulletproof windows
  • Commercial and residential use
  • Easy installation, installs in minutes
  • Made in the USA
  • Installed over existing walls and doors with self stick adhesive backing
  • Protection from debris, glass, explosions
  • Available for motorhomes, yachts and aircraft
  • Door panels custom cut to fit over door handles
  • Precision cut for odd sizes and shapes

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