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Bullet-Resistant Panels

Bullet-Resistant Panels

HeraCore Panels

HeraCore ballistic fiberglass panels, concealed behind drywall or woodwork of walls, lecterns and desks, are designed to mitigate harm caused by bullets from a rifle, handgun or shotgun, as well as provide effective delay against forced entry.

HeraCore bullet-resistant fiberglass panels are the safest, most affordable, and efficient ballistic protection solution available for both new construction and remodeling projects.

From data storage centers, with sensitive material to protect, to banks and retail stores with cash on the premises, HeraCore panels are the solution-of-choice for “bullet-proof” protection.

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Heralon Bullet-Resistant Panels

Heralon bullet-resistant panels are more lightweight compared to Heracore. Easy-to-slide panels for various furniture pieces are available in various sizes.

Personal security is an issue of increasing importance, as more families and businesses become aware of the threat of armed intrusion.

With crime in America increasing at an alarming rate and the incidences of violence occurring closer to home, Heralon® can also be used to protect those most precious and dear to you – your family and co-workers.

More than a solution for “doomsday” planning, the same Heralon® ballistic resistant panels that protect security-risk locations, including money rooms, courtrooms, cashier areas, and military personnel carriers can be effectively used to create a Safe Room in a home or office. 

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Power Substation Protection

Critical infrastructure are things we rely on as a country in order to function: electric grid, air traffic control, water system, stock market. And if they go down, it could potentially be catastrophic.

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