Introducing Bullet Proof Blinds / Heracles Research Corp.


Frisco, Texas / June 10, 2016:

With school shootings, mass killings and home-invasion crimes in America escalating at break-neck pace, John Adrain, inventor and CEO of Heracles Research, known for the famous BedBunker, announces an amazing new line of products to keep those you love and your valuables protected the most safe and sound.

Introducing Bullet Proof Blinds™ products for home, office, schools, churches, public buildings and any facility that deserves the ultimate in protection. Bullet Proof Blinds™ offers far more than mere solutions for “doomsday” and “personal protection;” in under one hour, you can turn any room in your home or building into a safe room, giving it level 3A protection, able to stop a 44 magnum bullet point-blank!

Made in the USA, Bullet Proof Blinds™ are a fabric material that’s crafted with the same high-tech material as highest risk locations, such as courtrooms, money rooms and the security used by front-line military personnel.

Included in the Bullet Barrier Blinds™ product line are the Bullet Barrier, Ballistic Door and Wall Panels, as well as the Desk Barrier. All Lightweight, level 3A protection, self-adhesive, bullet-resistant panels that can be applied to any door, wall, desk, table, etc. in a building that needs and deserves the utmost in human protection. Amazingly, Bullet Barrier™ Ballistic Door Panels can be retrofitted to any existing door due to their light weight, thus removing any need to reinforce or replace door hinges.

Bullet Proof Blinds™ can be custom made to fit any window, color palettes and size, giving your house, children’s school, local church or office building complete 3A protection from bomb blasts and glass shards, debris, exteriors and uncontrolled rooms. Blinds can be triggered automatically with a relay or synced with your home or business security. This multifunction and versatile material can be used in doorways, hallways and as a temp barrier adding protection from bullet fire and debris.

Bullet Proof Blinds™ is a first of it’s kind product and not only protects you from bullets and debris but just like normal blinds, protects your home from harmful UV rays, providing a total block out of harmful light rays. Choose between automatic controls or manual for ease of use and functionality.

Security-conscious individuals will love not only the design, fit and function of Bullet Proof Blinds™ products, but will appreciate the financially reasonable economics as well. Without needing to hire an expensive consulting or security firm, any American can now make any home or business bullet-proof. No longer does it take tens of thousands of dollars to create a secure location to protect those you love in the case of a home invasion or unexpected disaster. Relieve the worry of being home alone, sending your children to school or Sunday school, where tragedy may await outside your control. The sense of security to shut the bad guys out and keep them out is now within financially reasonable and logistically reasonable means.

If you or someone you love is interested in learning more about these incredible new products offered by Heracles Research simple call our customer service line or send them to our premium retailer,

About Heracles Research – John Adrain / Heracles Research develops and licenses numerous technologies to Fortune 500 companies from Microsoft to General Motors. These products improve countless lives throughout the US of both private citizens and government agencies including the FBI, ATF, US Marshall’s office and Border Patrol. Heracles Research’s mission is to solve real world problems while making our world more secure.





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