BedBunker Advantages

Extra Comfort

Surprise! There are no springs in the modern, so-called “box spring” mattress. They are simply an upholstered wooden platforms, with zero cushioning. BedBunker replaces this wooden box — that can quickly deteriorate and first sag in the middle — with the steel vault foundation that eliminates platform sagging; and even helps reduce vibration transfer in your mattress. Plus, the adjustable vault legs put your mattress to the exact height you want- – something standard wooden platforms cannot do.

Reduce Floor Stress by 78%

A traditional upright safe with comparable internal size to a BedBunker, stands in about a 7.87 square foot area, weighing 1300 pounds. That works out to 165.18 pounds per square foot of floor stress. A queen-sized BedBunker requires 37.5 square feet, also weighing 1300 pounds. That works out to just 35 pounds per square foot — a 78% reduction in floor stress over the upright safe.

Keep Your Guns 500 Degrees Cooler

Did you k now temperatures in a fire may only be 100 degrees at floor level, but can shoot to over 600 degrees just five feet above the floor, close to the standard height for a conventional upright safe? With the Bedbunker system nestled close to the floor, with its two-hour fire wall, dramatically boosts odds your guns will be saved from searing temperatures just a few feet above. As a double bonus, the mattress on top of your BedBunker adds even more insulation.

Put Gravity on Your Side

The BedBunker makes for remarkable increases in useable storage space, comparable to upright safe capacities. Why? Thanks to easily removable racks, you have the ability to stack many layers of long arms on each side with no shifting or falling, as far fewer would do in upright safes. How many? Store up to 40 rifles in a BedBunker twin, and 80 rifles in a queen. This still gives you free space in the corners for ammo, magazines and other accessories.




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