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Armored Vehicles

’09 Maybach 62S / Armored Car / 27,541 Miles

ONLY $299,000


Now you can own this one-of-a-kind vehicle. The Maybach 62 S is a car for people who have an eye for the extra special. It brings together all of the hallmark traits which have, since the very beginning, set aside each and every Maybach vehicle as a paragon of technical perfection, traditional craftsmanship and creative brilliance. This prestigious, high-end luxury saloon goes yet further by adding a generous helping of dynamic individuality with an assured sense of style to enrich the ownership experience. Exclusive design features plus high-tech performance enhancement give the Maybach 62 S an athletic, one-of-a-kind feel that make it a beguiling travel companion on any road in the world.


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  • 5.5L V12 Twin Turbocharger
  • Automatic 5-Speed
  • 11 city / 16 hwy
  • Gasoline
  • RWD


  • Moonroof
  • Sunroof
  • DVD
  • Navigation
  • Audio Controls on Steering


Base Armor Defeat Specifications:


IAC Level 5 (Level B-6): High Power Rifle Defeat

  • 9mm Luger (full metal jacket, round nose or soft core), 8g., 400 ms, 3 shots
  • 357 Magnum (full metal jacket, coned bullet, or soft core), 10.2 g, 430 m/s, 3 shots
  • 44 Magnum (full metal jacket, fat nose, or soft core), 15.6 g, 440 m/s, 3 shots
  • 223 Caliber, 45 g, 919 mps / 3,200 fps
  • 7.62 x 51mm M80 (full metal jacket, pointed bullet, or soft core), 149 g, 830 mps / 2,700 fps
  • 5.56 x 45 (full metal jacket, pointed bullet, or soft core), 4 g, 950 m/s, 3 shot


Armoring Up-fit Specifications:


  1. Glass areas: Windshield, rear doors, and side glass were removed and replaced bullet-resistant transparent armor multi-layer glass and polycarbonate inner layer to prevent spalling upon ballistic impact with a thickness of 43mm. Glass is curved and contoured to retain the appearance of the original glass. All transparent areas are armored to IAC Level 5 (EN 1063 B6) Back Passenger Rear Door Window’s are operable only (Approx. 4-6” Travel)
  2. Body: Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, and headers (laterals) are armored with ballistic composite material equivalent material or steel in accordance with defined standard of defeat of IAC Level 5 (EN 1063 B6) protection.
  3. Vehicle Structured Modifications: Airbag suspension is adequate for added weight.
  4. Fuel System: Fuel tank is ballistic wrapped with composite multi-ply fragmentation blanket material. Locking Gas cap installed at fuel filler port.
  5. Battery/Electrical: Battery compartment has been armored to B6 level.
  6. Electronic Control Module: (ECM) protection to IAC Level 5 and EN 1063-B6
  7. Exhaust System: Wire mesh tailpipe protection.
  8. Operable Windows: Two (2) Rear windows – operable down to 4-6 inches added.


Arresting details such as the radiator grille with twin louvres, the striking main headlamps finished in the vehicle colour and the front fog lamps with their elegant chrome surrounds instantly catch the eye. Exclusive wheels and a custom designed exhaust system with two visible tailpipes add further powerful touches. Under the bonnet, the Maybach 62 S holds true to the AMG philosophy of One Man – One Engine with the most powerful Maybach engine ever, promising majestic propulsion and astonishing agility. This, combined with the lavish spaciousness and the peerless finery of the appointments and equipment, produces something truly worth cherishing: your very own business jet on wheels.

The Maybach 62 S succeeds in reconciling inspirational motoring comfort with a level of performance that belies the vehicle’s imposing dimensions and satisfies even the most sporting of connoisseurs. The source of this exceptionally dynamic streak is a twin-turbocharged Maybach V12 powerplant with a displacement of six litres delivering 620 hp. Torque peaks at a heady 738 lb-ft @ 2000-4000 rpm. Having undergone a painstaking program of refinement at the Mercedes-AMG engine manufacturing facility, the engine excels by virtue of its instantaneous power delivery and barely perceptible noise levels. And thanks to the meticulous attention to detail lavished on the chassis by the Maybach engineers, all of this formidable power can be unleashed safely and effortlessly.

The ESP Electronic Stability Program, ASR acceleration skid control and the braking system have all been adapted to the increased power reserves of the Maybach 62 S, working in unison with the sensitive AIRMATIC Dual Control air suspension and the exclusive 11-spoke, 20-inch wheels to produce outstanding handling dynamics and directional stability. Which all means that a journey aboard the Maybach 62 S will never cease to be an experience for all the senses, regardless of where you’re sitting. 3-PLACE REAR SEATING As an optional extra, you can request a third rear seat in place of the rear center console. This creates a rear bench seat giving the vehicle 5-place seating overall. Option includes: adjustable center headrest, 3-point safety belt for center seat, switches to control rear lighting and convenience features moved to climate control center console.

ELECTRIC SLIDING FABRIC CURTAINS All Maybach vehicles are fitted with electrically operated, fabric rear window curtains as standard equipment. Optionally available are electrically operated, fabric sliding curtains for both rear door windows for additional privacy to guard from the gazes of strangers and to protect from the blazes of the sun.

ACTIVE VENTILATED SEATS The front and rear seats feature an efficient heating system as standard equipment that can be optionally augmented by active seat ventilation. When so equipped, 10 miniature fans in the seatback and seat cushion work in 3 stages to ensure comfortable seating even on the hottest days and longest trips. Option is available for front and rear seats separately, and requires the selection of perforated leather.

INTERCOM SYSTEM (FRONT/REAR) Optional on the Maybach 62S without rear partition, the intercom system allows for direct in-vehicle communication between rear passengers and driver. Intercom system is included with the Partition Wall package. SOLAR

POWERED VENTILIATION SYSTEM In sufficient lighting conditions, five rows of six silicon solar cells generate approximately 60 watts to power the vehicle ventilation fans, after the engine has been shut off. Solar module is included with the Electrotransparent glass roof package.

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATOR The optional External Communicator allows the Maybach driver to communicate to the outside world without lowering the vehicle windows. The system functions via a microphone wired to the front glovebox. An under-the-hood mounted speaker facilitates communication.

PARTITION WALL The partition wall creates a physical separation between driver’s compartment and rear passenger’s compartment. Featuring a fully power retractable glass pane and electric curtains, this divider provides privacy at the touch of a button. Front/rear intercom system is included with this option.

ELECTRO TRANSPARENT GLASS ROOF One of the most spectacular innovations is the panoramic glass roof for the Maybach 62. It consists of a glass surface which appears to be continuous when viewed from the exterior, extending from the windshield to the rear window. The front section of the roof is equipped with solar cells, while a second, electrotransparent panel is installed under the exterior glass roof above the rear-seat area. This panel, which admits an exceptionally high level of daylight to the interior, can be rendered opaque in an instant at the touch of a button. Transparency is restored in the same way. An electrically operated sliding roof liner situated between the inner and outer roof panels functions as a blind and becomes luminescent when an electrical current is applied to it. A dimming control in the rear center console allows the light intensity to be adjusted. Solar module for integral solar powered cabin ventilation system is included with this option .


Serious Inquires Only

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