A Lesson from Hollywood

Many of us may remember the 1994 family comedy film Richie Rich, about the wealthiest family in the world and their extraordinary son who helps expose a plot to rob the family of their fortunes.

In the movie’s climactic scene, the villain corners the Rich family and forces the parents to open their vault, believed to contain unfathomable amounts of money and other treasures. He is dismayed to find the vault filled with family heirlooms and mementos of Richie’s upbringing, the twist being that the Rich family considers these ‘worthless’ possessions far more valuable than their money, which they keep in the bank.

While Hollywood is rarely the best example after which to model our lives, the moral of Richie Rich is sound; there are more important things in life than money, and these things deserve protection as well. While a BedBunker or CouchBunker is a great place to keep jewelry, coins, petty cash, and firearms, it’s just as good at protecting finger paintings, photo albums, t-ball trophies and bronzed baby shoes.



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